Energi fra fossilt brennstoff vil være dominerende de neste 20 år

Oppsummering: Ifølge den nye IEA (International Energy Agency) –rapporten vil hydrokarboner -olje, gass og kull være dominerende av total energi med en andel på 81 % . Denne prosentandelen vil gå ned marginalt til 74 % over de neste 20 årene til år 2040.

Kilde : Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Forfatter: Nick Butler, Financial Times 26/11/2018

The key driver of change in the global market is not climate change or the political chaos affecting oil producers in the Middle East and elsewhere, or the fall in the cost of renewables. All those things matter, of course, but their impact is minimal compared with the shift in the geography of supply and demand that has transformed the market in the last decade and will continue to do so. To understand what has been happening it is instructive to compare the new IEA report with that published 10 years ago. Hydrocarbons — oil, gas and coal — accounted for 81 per cent of total global energy supply in 2008. The figure today is still 81 per cent and will decline only marginally over the next 20 years to 74 per cent in 2040.

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